Your Travel Guide to New Orleans is Too Thick,
Got Too Much Information, 
and Too Many Danged Choices

Tired of Having This Annoying Travel Problem?

  • So you planned a nice trip to New Orleans, been always wanting to go...
  • And you wanna travel light... that's the thing nowadays, don't wanna be bogged down with lots of stuff...
  • But you got a bunch of travel books to the Crescent City that are really weighing you down.

Hi, I'm Richard Bienvenu. I was born and raised in New Orleans and consider myself sort of an expert on the city.

Who Else Wants to Have a Fabulous Time in
the Crescent City?

NEW ORLEANS. A city like no other. Over the centuries it's been sung about and written about as this mysterious, dream-like place almost magical in its effect on people.

Some have called it the most soulful city they've ever been to.

Are you thinking about taking a trip to this one-of-a-kind place? Well, let me tell you I know what it's like going to a new city...

... especially one that has a reputation for fantastic food, great music, friendly people, fabulous festivals, strange customs, awesome sightseeing and all that like New Orleans does.

You either have no travel guide at all...

or you got one of of those big, thick books, like Fodor's or Lonely Planet, with tons of pages with little bitty print compiled and written by people who don't actually live in the city!!

Believe me. I know.

I've experienced that so many times in my travels over the years; really, really frustrating.

Sometimes I felt like a total klutz fumbling through all those pages, looking at the ratings, reading the reviews and then scurrying around the city trying to find the place...

... and then it ending up not to be very good and not what I was looking for at all.

Ever had that experience? Yeah, I know, not fun, huh.

With these thick, bulky tour books there's just too many danged choices. And here's the thing about too many choices?

The mind gets confused. And being confused when you're on vacation is no fun.

The brain likes simple.

Here's A Little Secret About Those Big Name Travel Guides:

None are written by natives.

Yep, that's right NONE. They're all told from a visitor's point of view. What the heck is that all about? That's like the blind leading the blind.

You Want a Native's Eye View

The best thing of course is to be escorted around by a native. A native knows where to go, the ins and out, where to take you so you can have an authentic experience of the place.

So, what I've done is write a travel guide to help solve the problem of too many choices...

... and give you an experience of being guided around the city by a native.

Since I can't actually be at your side showing you all these great places in the Crescent City I've created this travel guide for you which is the next best thing. 

In fact, this book is now a leading travel guide on Amazon.​

There must be a reason it's become so popular.

The recommendations in the book are the several places I would choose from to take my out-of-town visitors when they visit New Orleans.

This Bestselling Travel Guide Includes:

  • Suggestions on only the top, most authentic New Orleans restaurants.
    There are tons of great restaurants in the city, but not all serve real, traditional New Orleans food which we are so famous for. I point out only the best, the places where Orleanians frequent.
  • Recommendations of only a few of the best hotels.
    For a true New Orleans experience you gotta stay in or near the French Quarter. I'll guide you to the places that are some of the best, I'll even tell you about a great economy place right in the heart of the action.
  • Advice on only the best, iconic bars so you can get that true New Orleans experience.
    This is the city where cocktails were invented, and we no doubt have one of the best bar cultures in the world. New bars open all the time, but there are a few that are time tested and worthy of being iconic. You'll learn about those in the guide.
  • Excellent sightseeing tips so you can get the most out of your visit.
    New Orleans is known for its great architecture, museums, neighborhoods, antique stores, parks, streetcars, Mardi Gras and of course the Mississippi River. I'll give you tips on the best places to go and how to enjoy it all.
  • Suggestions on great and memorable music venues.
    New Orleans music - yep another thing we are world-famous for.  People come from all over the planet just to hear our music, we have some of the best musicians in the world, and great intimate music venues, and fantastic festivals the Jazz Fest being the most popular.
  • And other recommendations on how to have an all around fabulous time in the Crescent City. 
    There is never a lack of something to do in the Crescent City which is one of the reasons it's so great to live here. Locals like to take "staycations" to get a taste of the city as if they were tourists.

I want you to know this is something that comes from the heart to you because I care about visitors who come to our city.

We like to welcome them with open arms because we want them to have a wonderful time in New Orleans and we want them to come back. We want to share with everyone the marvelous experience of being in the Crescent City.

It's a Simple Choice Really

So you can either cram into your suitcase the thick, boring, clunky...YAWN... tiny print, written-only-by-visitors travel guide which would produce that too-many-choices-brain-meltdown-overload


…you can settle back with this simple, easy-to-use guide that gives you just what you need to have an authentic, marvelous experience of New Orleans.

So, if you are planning a trip to New Orleans
even thinking of planning one you would be wise to get this bestseller...

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour  Seven Things You Must Do to Have a Fabulous Time in the Crescent City

Getting this book is your first step to having a fantastic, fun experience in the Crescent City.

This is not your typical bulky too-chock-full-of-info-that-it-makes-your-head-swim type of travel guide. But an easy to read, easy to scan book that will help make planning your visit to New Orleans a breeze.

  1. Only the most important info: You'll get the best information you'll need about only a select few of the best places to go.
  2. The iconic places: You'll find out about the most favorite places of where the locals go, and they go to the most iconic places in New Orleans.
  3. No getting bogged down in minutiae: You'll discover a true New Orleans experience and have the confidence that you've seen the city the right way.
  4. A local's knowledge: You'll have a feel for the city from a local's point of view.
your own personal new orleans tour book cover

A Few of the Many Glowing Reviews
on Amazon

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Great resource for first time visit."

"This was an excellent resource for planning my first trip to NOLA. I loved reading about where the locals hangout and having many options to choose from. Thanks for the information and I look forward to putting it all to use in 3 weeks."
--- W. Jane Harvey

"Great travel book advice for a trip to NOLA!"

"This was my go-to book about being a tourist in New Orleans... It is very informative. I had so many blue post-it flags at the top it looked like it had a hat! I highly recommend this book for traveling to NOLA!
--- Lesa Barnes, Tennessee

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Nawlins can't be beat."

"I grew up in New Orleans many years ago but have not been back since. In preparation for my first visit back in many years I picked this book up. Reading this personal Tour guide was like taking a trip down memory lane.

The descriptions and detail were on-target from my memories years ago and were wonderful for me to brush up on what I wanted to make sure I see when I visit. Worth the read."
--- Kaylee C.

This is the only NOLA travel guide you really need.

New Orleans is one of the most popular and visited cities in the world. This guide is the perfect entry point into your planning for a fantastic visit.

So if you've been dreaming about visiting the Crescent City or even if you've already been here, now is the time to check this out and see what you've been missing.

It's available in Kindle and now in paperback.

your own personal new orleans tour book cover

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Here are More Testimonials About the Guide

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“This is one of the best travel books I've come across."

"Written by a native to the city, this book gives you an insider's perspective to the city. So often I find travel books overwhelming, overloading the reader with information."

"This guide cuts straight to the point and gives you a breakdown of what's really worth your time on a visit, and while it's concise, the writing is still engaging and full of personality.

Caitlin Hughes - California

“Now I am even more jazzed.”

“I was really jazzed (pun intended) about our upcoming trip to New Orleans before downloading the book by Richard Bienvenu (what a great New Orleans name).”

"His love for the city and the folks who live there comes through on every page. His recommendations for going where the locals go are especially helpful. I really look forward to the New Orleans experience so beautifully described in the book."

Andrew - Los Angeles
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I thought this book was excellent."

"I have been to New Orleans a number of times, but this book clearly and concisely told me about activities I had never considered. It is just as advertised, like a good friend giving me advice on what he thinks I should check out."

"It is not designed to be a comprehensive guide, but rather combines a short list of the most popular attractions with the lesser known or local favorites. It helped build my excitement for my upcoming trip!"

Adam T

Richard Bienvenu
Creator of Your Own Personal
New Orleans Tour

About the Author

Born and raised in New Orleans I was bitten by the travel bug early on. Lived in Mobile, L.A., Spain, and Washington State. I’ve done a lot of traveling in my lifetime, been to Europe, Africa and Asia and know what it’s like to be weighed down with too much information, too many choices and by big thick travel books.

I moved back to New Orleans a few years ago because there is no place I ever visited that had the soul, traditions, food and vibe like here in the Crescent City. This travel guide is my attempt to give visitors a truly soulful experience of this unique city. is my blog where I report on all things NOLA.

Have a look at this interview of me after I learned my guide became a bestseller on Amazon.

So maybe here you're thinking, "heck,
I don't need this travel guide,
I can figure this all out myself."

Maybe you're thinking "c'mon, this book can't be all it's saying it is. And if I wanna find out anything I can just go on the Internet, Google it, hunt around on Yelp and all those other social media places."

Yep, that's true you could probably do all that. And good luck...

But you won't find the experience of a born and bred local who knows the ins and outs and who has had extensive experience at the places I recommend. Not only that but the experiences of a lifetimes of living here through other family members, uncles and aunts, grandparents and great grandparents.

You see, my family has been in New Orleans for generations so we are true natives of the place and have hosted tons of people, friends and family members who have come to visit the city. So we know what works and what doesn't. And of course being locals ourselves, we know what locals like.

And you can bet that the iconic places I recommend in the book, the places that New Orleanians go to regularly, are iconic places for one reason: they've been around for a long time because of their excellence and unique New Orleans vibe and will continue to be here for many, many years to come.

         "Terrific Little Book"

              Ronn - Amazon Reviewer

I loved this little book precisely because it was not comprehensive. It did not have too much information to weed through. We had never been to New Orleans before.

The author just gave us the flavor of New Orleans from the point of view of a native. The book really helped to thoroughly enjoy our short 3 days without wasting time.
We couldn't do everything but did many of the things he recommended including the wonderful Preservation Hall and Fritzels European Jazz Club.

If you don't do anything else go to these places and enjoy real live Jazz. There is nothing like live.

Getting This Book is Your First Step to Having a Fantastic Time in New Orleans

Right now you are probably in one of two places: You've planned a trip to New Orleans and can't wait to go, can't wait to experience all the unusual, unique, exotic things the city has to offer, can't wait to eat the fantastic food, to hear the mellow music, stroll the streets of the one-and-only French Quarter, take in the beautiful, world-renowned architecture.

or... you always dreamed about visiting the Crescent City and want an excuse to plan a trip. The first thing I would recommend you do is get this book. It will help you dream and will be your first step to actually planning a visit.

Either way this book is for you. It paints a picture of just what it's like to be here and experience the wonderful sights and sounds. Taking a trip to New Orleans is sorta like going to Europe without the price tag, that's how different this city is.

Still can't decide if you should get this travel guide?
Well, here are some Pros and Cons, maybe this might help you make the decision.

The Cons

  • Heck, I don't need this I can figure it out myself.
  • I can get all I need to get by doing a search on the Internet
  • My friend/family/colleague's been to New Orleans. I'll find out from them.
  • I like to just go and do things on the spur of the moment.
  • I hate planning for anything, it bores me.

The Pros

  • It's got everything I need to make a great trip to New Orleans
  • No guess work, no bombardment with too many choices
  • Easy to read, easy to page through
  • Only the most iconic places are listed, plus a few some folks have never heard of
  • Written by a local, a born-and-bred New Orleanian, not just a visitor

And You'll love the price, it's almost free

You is probably a good time to get my book because the price is really, really low. I mean embarrassingly low. I mean "hard time killin' floor" low. I mean so low I don't even want to mention it here.

But I'm thinking about on raising it in the near future... so if you're thinking about getting it, why wait? Get it now. Waiting is a waste of time.

Here's Some of What You'll Get With Our Guide

  • Info and recommendations of the best hotels to stay, not all of them pricey
  • You'll know where to go to get the best most iconic New Orleans cuisine and service.
  • You'll know where to go for the best New Orleans music.
  • You'll learn how to put together your own itinerary for your visit, without having to depend on tour guides. You will be an expert visitor.
  • New Orleans is more than just the French Quarter and Bourbon street, a lot more! You'll know what to see and experience outside these areas.
  • Famous for its iconic cocktails and bar culture, you'll know where to go to experience that best of the city has to offer.
  • Forget about taxis or having your own car, you'll learn how to use the streetcar to go uptown to some of the best restaurants and bars.
  • Rich, personal observations of the city so you can grasp how unusual, special and unique New Orleans is.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you not completely satisfied with our NOLA travel guide just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund. And you can keep the book.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Stop Weighing Yourself Down with Big Travel Books and Too Much Information, Start Lightening Your Load With
Only the Most Pertinent Info

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour is the only New Orleans travel guide you'll need to make sure you have a fabulous time in the Crescent City.

You won't have to worry if you'll see everything you need to see or do everything you need to do on your trip. It's all very simple and laid out for you, all you have to do is pick and choose among the best.

With this travel guide in hand you'll easily be able to create your own personal New Orleans tour, and get a taste of the magic that makes the Crescent City
truly unique among the world's great cities.

P.S. Your NOLA travel guide comes in two formats:
-- Kindle which you can put on your Kindle device or any smartphone...
-- Paperback - light enough and just the right size to slip in your purse or back pocket and mark up to your hearts content.

My NOLA guide makes a great gift too!​

Click the link below to get your very own New Orleans travel guide.

Yes, I want to have a fabulous time in the Crescent City - 
I want to get my new NOLA guide NOW!